I'm Angelo D'Agostino
a Software Engineer.

Software Engineer

I am a Software Engineer with a focus on Web and UX

I develop efficient and scalable web applications.
I work daily on projects using innovative languages and technologies without neglecting the smallest detail. I have always pursued the aim of creating products that are beautiful to see and functional for the final user/customer.


Each new experience is an opportunity to learn.
My favorite projects are those that push me over the edge, allowing me to learn new skills and knowledge.


The computer is not just a job. It is much more. It represents one of my main pastimes, my greatest passion, and this leads me to unconditionally love what I do.

IT Administrator

I am an IT Administrator with a focus on planning and deploying

Driven by innovation, I translate the concepts of efficiency and productivity to keep business requirements above all expectations, despite the unstoppable technological advancement, offering adaptable solutions in step with the times.


Working with passion is my work philosophy. This allows me to set goals of whatever nature, higher and higher.


Maximum profit with minimum effort is my motto. Planning, coordinating, and following projects are my daily bread and butter.

Developer Markup

HTML5, CSS3, Sass, JavaScript, jQuery, Laravel, PHP, MySQL, Node.js, Vue, Django, Python, WordPress, Git, Java, C#, Swift, PowerShell

Interactive Design

Affinity, Blender, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

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You can track me down to ask me anything or say hi@angelo-dagostino.com.

If you need more information or poke around, you can also find me on social channels.