I'm Angelo D'Agostino,
un Software Engineer.

Software Engineer

Sono un Software Engineer con focus in ambito Web e UX

I develop efficient and scalable web applications.
I work every day on projects using cutting-edges languages and technologies without neglecting minimal details. I've always pursued the intent to realize good looking and functional products for users/clients.


Every new experience it's an opportunity to learn.
My favorites projects are the one that pushes me over the limits, granting me to acquire new abilities and knowledge.


The computer is not merely a job. It's much more. It represents one of my primary pastimes, my biggest passion, and I believe that this drives me to love what I do unconditionally.

IT Administrator

Sono un Software Administrator con focus in pianificazione e deploy

Pushed by the innovation, I translate the concepts of efficiency and productivity to maintain the business requirements over any expectation, despite the unstoppable technological progress, offering adaptable solutions and up to date.


Working with passion is my work philosophy. It allows me to establish objectives of any nature, higher and higher.


Maximum gain with minimal effort is my motto. Plan, coordinate, and follow projects is my daily bread.

Developer Markup

HTML5, CSS3, Sass, JavaScript, jQuery, Laravel, PHP, MySQL, Node.js, Vue, Django, Python, WordPress, Git, Java, C#, Swift, PowerShell

Interactive Design

Affinity, Blender, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign

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You can reach me to ask me anything or solely to say hi@angelo-dagostino.com.

For more information, or you prefer to poke around, you can catch me on social networks.